Metal Straws - 3 Sizes, 2 Lengths | A Lot Of Color!

By The Utensil Company

Reusable and Earth Friendly! 
It is time to say "NO" to unhealthy plastic straws!
Did you know? It takes just around 100 years to decompose in the the landfills. 
Our reusable metal straws are non-toxic, lacquer-free, no-wax, which make them safe for use.  
Straws sold as single pieces.
Make your own set of color straws that match your your own personal style!!
Straws Available In:
Long - Straight or Curved (10.5") 30 oz tumblers, tall water bottles and similar
Short  - Straight or Curved  (8.5") Ideal for 20 oz tumblers, soda cans, and similar
Boba straws available in Silver (stainless steel) only.
Colors Available:
Rose Gold
Cleaning Brushes available in 2 sizes. Sold separately. 
Storage Bags available in 2 sized. Sold separately.
MADE OF FOOD-GRADE STAINLESS STEEL - This reusable drinking straw is designed in USA. Guaranteed no metal taste.
**If you taste/smell any odors from straws after wash and use, please contact us anytime for 100% Money Back Guarantee.** 
NOTE: Always wash each piece with cleaning brush and mild detergent with warm water and rinse well before use.